Jun 28



1. OBAMACARE IS EXPLODING. While it is true that the ACA is far from perfect, it has reached out to millions of people who were not able to afford Health Insurance. The quandary that is being experienced at this time is due to the constantly changing positions of both the Congress and the Executive Office about covering the subsidies provided. Insurance companies are extremely hesitant to enter or remain in a market that will not be properly funded.

2. The Republican doubletalk about “freeing the American People” of the “burden” of required insurance in order to allow the American People a “choice” regarding the purchase of Health Insurance. What the House and Senate programs actually do is to effectively prohibit the purchase of Health |nsurance by a large percentage of people because of inability to pay the required premiums.

3. The Republican proposals have both eliminated the subsidies paid for the the insurance premiums and substituting “tax credits” which they claim will enable less fortunate people to purchase the insurance. The problem with this line of reasoning is that the individuals will first have to pay the full monthly costs from their own pockets. The relief would only be available when people file their tax returns and claim the credit. While this “could” result in a refund, the vast majority of people would not be able to afford the monthly premiums, effectively eliminating another entire group from the possibility of having Heath Insurance.

4. Tax relief. While “Tax Reform” is stated to be on the agenda for both the Administration and the Republican Congress, the exact form of the reform is not known. The so-called tax-relief from the repeal and replacement of Obamacare only comes from eliminating the Taxes and health care spending cuts from the Obamacare program. This relief will only come to corporations and individuals whose income exceeds approximately $200,000 to $250,000.

Finally, the proposed Repeal and Replacement Bills do not in any way provide adequate possibilities for the average American individual and family. The proposals benefit insurance companies since they will be able to selectively decide who they shall insure. The pharmaceutical companies will be able to continue their ever increasing prices and profits despite the fact that their efforts have been continually subsidized by the American Taxpayers.