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Jul 13

The Government in Crisis

The Government is still “broken.” Evidence is mounting that the leaders of the Republican Party have been bought and paid for by powerful interests such as the Koch Brothers and other groups who are willing to spend millions of dollars to influence governmental policy. Healthcare – The efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act show …

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Jul 09

Back to work on Healthcare

Congress returns to Washington, DC on Monday with the Senate scheduled to resume debate on a health care program that will repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare.) While The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, it has provided or improved insurance coverage for millions of Americans, especially those who could not …

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Jun 28


FALLACIES OF PRESENT PROPOSALS 1. OBAMACARE IS EXPLODING. While it is true that the ACA is far from perfect, it has reached out to millions of people who were not able to afford Health Insurance. The quandary that is being experienced at this time is due to the constantly changing positions of both the Congress …

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Apr 27

Are the members of Congress truly representatives of the people?

There have been quite a few reports that showed members of Congress refusing to hold “town hall meetings” with their constituents. Some of the others who have held such meetings were not really answering the asked questions and often just parroted answers filled with cliches and the party line. Members of Congress are elected to …

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Mar 27

Mandate to Govern

After the 2016 Presidential and Congressional Elections, we often heard comments about “the election representing a mandate from the people” that the respective group would follow. The problem with these statements is that they were applied to groups with widely varying understandings of what that mandate involved. The Freedom Caucus believes they have a mandate …

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Mar 26

Republicans Learning to “Govern???”

Since the disaster of the American Healthcare Act, there have been several prominent Republicans talking about the difficulties that the Republican Party seems to have with being the governing party rather than the opposition party. It would seem to me that in our country’s form of Government, both parties are supposed to be “governing” rather …

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